måndag 19 juli 2010

What will the PS4 feature?

There are a lot of discussions on the internet about what the specifications will be for the PS4. And this is yet another one, hopefully :)

The Playstation 4:

Mediaformat - This will likely be an upgraded version of the Blu-ray format capable of handling discs with at least a 100 Gb and upwards from there.

- This will most likely be the more drastic improvement of the next generation. As it is now the PS3 features "only" a total of 512 MB of video-memory and I expect the next generation to feature at least 2Gb, most likely in the area of 4Gb. And the reason to why I believe this is among other things the following:
Sony recently filed a patent for a stereoscopic splitscreen technology, which basicly means that you will be able to play 2 or more players on the same tv without getting the ordinary screen cut in half for each player that joins in. For the next playstation to be able to do this (Which would be almost the same thing as running several copies of one game at once) the capacity of the graphicsunit needs to be drasticly improved. I do not believe that the PS3 is capable of doing this.

The Processing Capabilities
- This is most likely to end up with a tenfold increase in capability. Can't see how it wouldn't be improved any less than 3 times considering the above mentioning of stereoscopic splitscreen.

Resolution - This will most likely also increase to at least the double. Which would be 2160p. Although this is an extreme resolution, I can see why its necessary for supporting stereoscopic splitscreen.

Overall I do believe that everything in the PS4 will be more unified and therefor we will get much closer to "real-life" graphics rendered in real-time. I don't think we will get there with the next generation though, but we will come very close.

Please post your comments about the above! Fan-raging will not be allowed and these comments will be removed. Sony and Microsoft are both great companies and we should be happy that there is a "competition" so that we have hardware to choose between!


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  1. Best thing of PS4 is replace Graphics Processor. The PS4 is also going to have a much bigger hard disk.Sony may be far more eager to cut their losses and rush the PS4 to market sooner rather than later, possibly as early as late 2011.

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