fredag 23 juli 2010

Kinect VS Playstation Move (or is it?)

There are a lot of articles, comments and blogs about the fight between Microsoft and Sony and their motion controllers Kinect and Playstation Move. But is it really a fight?

The controls themselves are so different from each other that I don't think you can compare them. The Kinect is controller free, and you play games without the need of grasping around some form of device. The Playstation Move is much like the Wii-controls, but as far as I understood a bit more precise.

I see great potential in both of them. They will, since they are so different, speak to different type of gamers (Hardcore, casual, onlinegamers etc). We cannot say that either one of them is the winner, due to the fact that they will (probably, judging by the lineup of games) appeal to different audiences.

The Kinect feels like a future way of controlling not only your Xbox, but also your computer and since Microsoft from the beginning is a computersoftware company, I wouldn't be suprised if their next Windows edition would fully support kinect. Although Kinect would have to evolve in to the next generation of itself for that I think. And in that next generation I believe that the kinect will be able to project keyboards etc onto desks or tables.

The Playstation Move is a bit more locked to consoles and tv. Although, as the Playstation tend to be more and more as a media center (aswell as the Xbox) where you can do all sorts of things, I wouldn't be surprised if the next playstation will have some drawing programs ready which you can use the move to paint. A digital platform for artist (Although there have devices for this for a long time such as Wacoms etc, I merely suggesting that this could be a move from Sonys side to increase what the Playstation franchise could be used for) As Sony is currently developing some interesting technology for 3D without glasses ( I expect the Move to be integrated even deeper in games than the first generation will be.

These are just a few thoughts of what I see in the two controllers. Please leave comments if you like!


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