onsdag 18 augusti 2010

The potential of Sony

After seeing more of the Playstation move at Gamescom it got me thinking. But before I start, let me point out that this is NOT meant to be seen as a fanboy piece. This is simply a piece about the potential in Sonys ps3 with the move and the Playstation 4. When I hear nice stuff from MS I will post something similar about the Xbox and its future.

A few months ago I read about Sony filing a patent for stereoscopic splitscreen. Clarification: Stereoscopic 3D requires glasses. You may argue that the 3D technology that require glasses is not here to stay but that is not what I see. Stereoscopic splitscreen makes it possible to play multiplayer for 2 people on the same TV without dividing the screen in two and get a window with half the size of your TV. Just that alone is impressive. I don’t see this coming to ps3 but I thinks its very possible that this will be a part of the ps4 at launch. You may think that’s all this technology can do, but if u think about it that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This technology will also make it possible to watch two DIFFERENT movies at the same time on the same TV. It will also be possible to play two different games at once, for example if you feel like playing an RPG and your friend/lover/husband/wife/whatever wants to play a racing game, this will be possible without the need of another TV+console.
And this is truly awesome. The technology is amazing and Sony will make it work very well.
But it doesn’t end there. I’m very sure that the Playstation Move will be perfected even more over the years and be released together in some sort of bundle with the ps4. What will all this do for gaming?

It will take the co-op two a whole new level. You will no longer need to be in the same area as the other player, but it doesn’t end there.

Imagine a game much like Age of Empires or whatever. One of the players plays in an age that is, let’s say, a 1000 years before the age that the other player is playing in. What the first player does will affect the second player in real time. For example, imagine the first player digging out a cave in his age. The cave will then appear in the second player’s age perhaps filled with computer-generated items and monsters or whatever. Imagine how it will be working together in a game like that. It would be truly awesome. Or imagine the competition it could bring. The two players will not see each other’s screen, but may still compete and affect each other. For example, the second player builds a castle on a hill. The first player destroys that hill in his age making the castle in the second player’s age collapse. The first player will not see that the second player has built a castle there of course. This is pretty much like a very, very advanced version of “Sink the battleship” or whatever it’s called.

Thinking about the potential in this makes me very excited. Go technology!

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  1. i dont see how the game could work, sure seeing changes happen would be interesting for the one in the future, but the one in the past would never be effected and clue less. however having a rts using move plus this no peeking split screen would be fantastic

  2. Well If its a co-op strategy game then it would be awesome :)