torsdag 19 augusti 2010

The potential of Microsoft

This post is mostly about the technology that is known as "Kinect". There is no point in raging about the "lag" that "Kinect" do have and the problem that it represents, but it has to be mentioned due do the fact that this lag is something that will hold the technology back.

I see a lot of potential in Kinect. It is a very interesting piece of technology. The debate that goes on now is whether Microsoft has chosen to ignore its so called "core gamers" or if there actually is any potential to satisfy them too.

The answer is Yes. And No. The problem that many of the "core gamers" have is the fact that its still a bit "laggy" and seems to lack core games. But here we have a very important issue. Something that isn't "core gaming" for one person might be so for another. Each player sets up his or her own goals when it comes to gaming. Me personally wouldn't consider "Kinect" as something for core gamers as it is now, but I won't go as far as saying that it IS NOT something for core gamers. From what I've learned and seen, "Kinect" does not give me the chance to fulfill goals that I usually set for myself when gaming, but I realize that it will be enough for a lot of players.

Kinect has a lot of potential, I have no doubt about that. Although I see Kinect as something that belongs together with a PC more than console-gaming, I am really happy that the technology has been invented and that the search for new ways to play games continues. I am very curios about how the technology behind Kinect will turn out and I am looking forward to discover new ways to play games solo, co-op with friends, or with people on-line. We should all encourage Microsoft to keep working on this so that we have different ways of playing games to choose from. Keep an open mind people, even if its not right for you, it might be good for you in other ways.

Cheers, and keep on gaming ;)

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