lördag 21 augusti 2010

Litte Big Planet 2, The beginning of a new era

I am amazed by the potential in this game. Not because its a ps3 exclusive or any other reason like that, simply because it speaks to me like a game hasn't in a long time.

User created content is the future. User created content can be amazing and might be a way for the developers to discover new talent. I sincerely hope that they are gonna be watching everything thats gonna be created to reward the best in some way. I'm gonna strive to create some of the most fantastic levels you have ever seen. I am currently planing for a level called "The Devil's gateway". Sounds exciting? Well keep your eyes open for it ;)

Anyhow, back to the field of user created content. What does this really mean for gaming in general? It means a lot. It means that we can start playing with the world of a game that we love. It means that the replay value of a game (Which ALL developers should aim for) increase to a level that is unprecedented in most games today. We all know that gamers has a lot of creativity in them and this is a way for us to help improve the IP's we love and inspire developers to invent new ones.

One of the things that really speaks to me is the fact that you will be able to add your own voice!! How cool isn't that? (I restrained my self so I wouldn't add an infinite number of "OMG"-s here with an even greater number of exclamation-marks, higher than infinite, wooooooaaahhh *amazement*)

I am so gonna love that feature. I am going to record my voice so much and practice like I have never practiced on anything before, except singing. My best friend once told me that I should be a voice actor, cause I could do a lot of voices and to honor his memory (R.I.P my dear friend), I will with the help of LBP2 pursue this career and watch out, cause greatness might be incoming! (Or complete and utter failure, but if I make people laugh, what does it matter? :) )

Are you as excited as I am?
Love and kisses!
If gaming was a person, I would so do that person. Every day. For Hours. :)

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