söndag 5 september 2010

A letter from the future

"Hello my fellow didleydoo (Didleydoos is the common term for gamers these days. Don't ask me why cause the explanation makes "The hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy" sound like pure logic).

The future is here, for you it is not, but for me it is but your time is my past and my time is your future and we can only meet in the present.

I want to thank all of you for pushing Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to work on their respective consoles. Today the consoles roam the lands and has evolved into something that is similar to something I believe you call "Pokémons" back in your days. They are now intelligent machines that self-upgrade if they are nurtured right and put to test in different challenges.

The "Nintendo" is the easiest one to catch. Its more like a cuddly white bunny that doesn't scare no one. Although you have to be gentle, it easily breaks under pressure. Think of it as a "Magic Karp". Nurtured right its something completely different.

The "Xbox" however, is a bit trickier to catch. An Xbox is often seen with a giant shroom on its head that spits out read laserbeams that can fry your eyeballs in an instant, if directed straight at your eyes. If nurtured right, the Xbox will evolve into a creature that can do your dishes, or kill your grandma. Only these two things are possible careers for your Xbox. There have been numerous instances of flying Xboxes landing on old people burning them to death with their laserbeam. Naa I'm just kiddin, it can do more things. Its really good at fishing too. And reading books for young kids. Xbox is softer than the Playstation due to something i believe you called Konict or sumthin back in your days.

The Playstation is a devious device. The playstation species has a huge variety in skills, but is harder to nurture. It takes longer time for it to evolve than any other consolemon. The playstation is a bit agressive, but even more so if close to an Xbox. If close to a Nintendo, it gets really calm and protective however. And when protecting something, then it is deadly. The Playstation can emitt and intense burst of sound that blows up any specific body part, and only that part. This is thanks to some device that has evolved over the years, I believe it was called PS YEY back in your days.

I take a lot of pride in catching consolemons and nurture them into reaching their full capacity. Please support all of them so I can continue catching them. They do a lot of good stuff when they are trained, all of them.

Tnx, and take care!"

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