fredag 10 september 2010

Wheelchair Racer

Don't watch the video above in full-screen. It looks horrible. Here is a link to it with better quality. I tried to include it as a true link, but it just wouldn't work, so I apologize for that.

This is a game that me and my group (We called us "Tiger Catapult" during the project. See picture below) developed, or rather started to develop during a project in school. This is a racing game where you, in the finished game, would be able to choose from four characters, The Ogre, the Valkyrie, the Pirate and the Gangstah. The lightning bolts you see in this video gives you a resource that you can use to activate different power-ups such as the classic "Speed Boost" but our plans were to include 3 more. Other than this its a racing game with a very unsual theme. It is supposed to make you laugh and the stories behind the characters and why they are in wheelchairs might be revealed later ;)

We don't know if we are ever gonna do anything more with this. We used UDK (Unreal Development Kit) for this and that was... umm.. somewhat problematic in some areas. And the computers at the university only had Ati 3800-series graphics and 4 Gb of ram and UDK recommends 8Gb. This is mostly a problem when it comes to rendering and therefor you can see the "Lightning needs to be rebuilt" in this video. The computer at school weren't powerful enough to render it completely :P

What do you think about games like this? Are they needed? Can you make a game about anything? :)


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  1. The Wheelchair Racer is very interesting game to play. The above video is very nice. In this video we can watch that the racing track of this game are very difficult and interesting to complete.
    r4 for ds

  2. What's the going rate for 3800 series engines these days? And how hard is it to find.

  3. hello,

    i am an independent developer in UDK. i am trying to create a game where the hero is wheelchair bound. i have all the assets, and most of the gameplay set up. however, i cannot get past creating my own custom character.
    i have searched for almost a year now for some info but haven't had any luck. all the tutorials available are for bi-ped creatures.
    i realize now that it takes a lot of work to create custom characters and animation in UDK. for this reason, i understand now how some developers are not willing to share info. so i do not come here asking for freebies, i just would like to know if you recommend any certain books and/or videos that could help point me in the right directions.
    thanks for your time